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  • Parental Guidance

    Through our work, we often hear parents expressing their dismay that “there’s no book to teach you how to be a parent”. Being a parent is not always an easy task and every parent has their moments of self-doubt.
    How can individuals’ needs be met fairly within the family dynamic? How can we give our children the skills they need to flourish? How can we provide clear and consistent discipline? How can we manage our childrens’ moods along with our own responses? There are so many questions that parents have to face and they are often left not knowing which way to turn.
    One is not born a mother (...)

  • Therapy / Psychotherapy

    What makes us take that step to consult a psychologist? The reasons are many and varied (and everyone has their own story) however, in general, the motivating factors are negative feelings or thoughts and being overwhelmed or unable to cope alone with life’s difficulties.
    Whatever the reason behind this feeling of unhappiness or discontent, the extent of it and the way it is expressed, therapy can help to understand it, make sense of what is causing the suffering and untangle the knots. From here it is possible to move forward, to find contentment and to give meaning to our lives.
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