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  • Adult issues

    When our life is not going the way we hoped it would, when our aspirations are not being met, the result may be feelings of unhappiness and unease.
    Stress and extreme anxiety or a deep discontentment can arise when we feel limited or restricted in our professional, social or personal life, whether in relation to a partner or to family members.
    Expatriation can sometimes be very challenging for couples. It requires adapting the relationship to a new socio-cultural environment with its’ own norms and demands. Consultation for couple’s therapy is very common in this context.
    Furthermore, at (...)

  • Adult consultation

    The process will depend upon an individual’s needs, but will always start with an initial appointment.
    This first meeting is primordial in laying the foundation of a therapist-client relationship and the likely rate of success of the therapy. It involves an exchange of ideas about the issues that brought the person to consult and their needs and objectives. This is also the opportunity for the psychologist to explain the framework and outline how the sessions will (...)