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  • Adolescent issues

    Being a teenager is not always an easy thing…it is a time of vulnerability, subjected to the physical and psychological effects of puberty. In general, experiences at this stage in life in particular are not lived in a neutral manner. When an adolescent has educational or emotional difficulties, or behaviour that concerns their parents, there is a risk of further developmental problems.
    Adolescence and family relationships
    Adolescents lose some of the sheltering of the sheltering and protective veil of childhood and need to find new ways of relating to others and in particular their (...)

  • Child issues

    What is childhood?
    Childhood is a time of phenomenal transformations and learning. This transitional phase serves to prepare the individual for evolution from total dependence to the understanding and accomplishment of adulthood.
    Childhood is a fundamental time in our lives to the extent that it provides the foundations of our personality. It is the primordial stage in the structuring of our existence as an independent being: during this stage we learn to communicate, we gather knowledge, we develop our way of thinking, we construct our relationship with ourselves and others and we (...)

  • Children/Teens consultation

    The process will depend upon an individual’s needs, but will always start with an initial appointment.
    This first meeting is primordial in laying the foundation of a therapist-client relationship and the likely rate of success of the therapy.
    It enables the gathering of information: psychologist, child and parents exchange ideas about the issues that motivated the consultation.
    It also aims to analyse the situation: each person can expand upon the difficulties encountered. It is about understanding these difficulties, hypothesising about their origins, the way they manifest themselves (...)