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Children/Teens consultation

The process will depend upon an individual’s needs, but will always start with an initial appointment.

This first meeting is primordial in laying the foundation of a therapist-client relationship and the likely rate of success of the therapy.

It enables the gathering of information: psychologist, child and parents exchange ideas about the issues that motivated the consultation.

It also aims to analyse the situation: each person can expand upon the difficulties encountered. It is about understanding these difficulties, hypothesising about their origins, the way they manifest themselves and the consequences they have on your child’s and your family’s functioning.

This enables a better understanding of your needs and those of your child in order to provide an adapted and tailored treatment plan. Often a second appointment is necessary to gain a fuller overview of the situation.

Following these meetings, you will be offered a personalised care plan including assessment and therapy. The psychologist may suggest psychotherapy, psychological or neuropsychological assessment or neuropsychological rehabilitation.

The psychologist may also suggest further options such as working together with the school, an assessment or a follow up by another health care professional.

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