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  • Parental Guidance

    One is not born a mother or father, but rather becomes one
    Through our work, we often hear parents expressing their despair that; "there’s no book to teach you how to be a parent". No, parenting cannot be learnt from books. We learn through experience with our children.
    Being a parent is not always an easy task and every parent has their moments of self-doubt. How can individuals’ needs be met fairly within the family dynamic? How can we give our children the skills they need to flourish? How can we provide clear and consistent discipline? How can we manage our children’s’ moods along with (...)

  • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

    Neuropsychological rehabilitation is a way of helping children and adolescents with learning difficulties, such as problems concentrating, remembering or understanding information. The origin of the difficulty may be an attentional deficit disorder or poor memory or reasoning skills.
    The aim of neuropsychological rehabilitation is to improve brain functioning and increase the efficiency of the processes involved in knowledge acquisition. The sooner the treatment process starts, the better the chances are of avoiding educational issues and of encouraging learning.
    What is (...)

  • Therapy / Psychotherapy

    Therapy provides a space in which a young person can learn to surpass their difficulties and reduce the consequent symptoms of those. Difficulties can be expressed and wounds can be healed in order to improve their relationship with themselves and the world around them – to find a balance. The aim is to build and explore the possibilities of their personality and in doing so create a solid foundation for a fulfilled life as an adult.
    As soon as difficulties or emotional distress are identified by the child, adolescent or their parents, therapy can be considered. The sooner psychological (...)